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When Precision & Pricing Are Paramount

“I’ve always had a passion for reclamation projects. Everything from refinishing dinner tables others had thrown out, to building outdoor furniture with the remnants from prior construction job tear-outs.

As it has for many of us, the pandemic brought about a lot of uncertainty. But it also brought an interesting opportunity. I finally had the time to pursue my passion and I wondered if my love for making "what was once old new again" could help others find a way to complete their own projects. I helped a few neighbors first, tearing out their older fences or decks and using a lot of the "bones," to create a beautiful, sound and solid structures, often exactly what they envisioned. Word of mouth spread quickly and it became obvious that there was a real need for somebody with the expertise and passion for these types of projects. This is how JLS craftsmen was born.

Today, JLS Craftsmen is a licensed and insured, full-service fence and deck contractor - proudly servicing the Kansas City Metro and Lawrence Areas.

If you are looking for integrity, quality, and value - let us look at your goals and we will give you an honest and fair assessment of what we can do to help make it happen. Our personalized approach and quality craftsmanship are noticeable and commented on by our customers. Let us help bring your vision to life.”

Jake ScallornFounder, CEO


  1. We are dedicated to honesty and authenticity– to our customers and in our accounting principles.
  2. We promote the personal growth of employees and look to develop people.
  3. We believe that feeling good about what you do has a direct impact on happiness. Therefore, we strive for excellence in our craft– as a way to promote one’s all-around sense of self.
  4. We favor the long-term approach in our business dealings- remaining mindful to avoid decisions based on short-term/ transactional thinking.
  5. We value employee empowerment– ALL ideas are treated and valued equally, no matter one’s age, experience, or tenure. If you have a better way to service JLS Craftsmen customers, we want to hear it.
  6. We believe people should be compensated fairly. JLS Craftsmen is dedicated to the idea that a person’s pay should do more than just provide the bare minimum for survival. Capitalism works best when all can benefit fairly from their contributions and are able to thrive, not just survive.
  7. We stand behind our work and we look to continually improve.
  8. We are responsive and diligent in our communications with JLS Craftsmen customers.
  9. Management will be positive and supportive, but also reasonably demanding- challenging people to grow.
  10. We are a fence contractor and therefore build physical structures. But we also believe we can use this enterprise as a way to build people and community as well.